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The main areas of application of our wet benches are the manufacturing of micro electronic modular units as well as research and development laboratories.

The basic frames of the wet benches are made of PP solid material (e.g. PP, PPs, Corzan etc.) in robust welded design and allow the equipment to be put together individually.

To achieve optimum efficiency, the processing baths are usually fitted side by side in the benches. All the equipment has already been tested in our cleanroom so the benches arrive completely assembled at the site, where they only have to be connected to the supply and disposal connectors provided by the customer.

During operations, efficiency and safety of our systems are also to the fore. All harmful gases and vapours are collected through the marginal suction and the bench bath and then ducted outside through an exhaust air system. All electrical appliances and those extraneously driven comply with safety standards for technical working equipment.

The equipment itself is, of course, protected against all harmful influences, too. Sensitive parts, such as switches and control panels, are fixed behind a drip-proof ledge to protect them.