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arias gmbh was founded as a plastics processing company in 1965 in Radevormwald. Since 1982, increasing specialisation and the know-how we have acquired in the process have let to a concentration on the manufacturing of high-grade wet benches. At our present site in Schwerte, we have by now modern production plants on a total area of 1320 sqm including an integrated 80 sqm cleanroom, class 4 ISO 14644-1 (class 10,000 US-Federal-Standard 209E). There are also 120 sqm of office space for our administration and the development department.

In order to make sure to supply our customers with high-quality products also in the future, we continuously modernise our production. In the course of this, we put as much emphasis on our employees’ further professional development as on new and more efficient processing technologies. The resulting flexibility and reliability are the cornerstones for our success. But equally important is our consistent costumer focus.