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Many sectors in industry as well as in research and development, such as semi-conductor manufacturing, nanotechnology or micro system technology, place highest demands on ultra-clean rooms and work spaces. These Laminar-Flow-units create a ‘clean work space’ that is separated from its general environment through its high air quality.

The operating principle is identical for all Laminar-Flow-units. Ambient air is pressed through high-performance filter elements and purified. Then, low-grade turbulent flows clean the work space. Particles that are created during the process or that come from the product itself are carried away and flushed out of the room.

In order to guarantee a 100 % functionality, the air speed is controlled permanently and the blower capacity is kept within the required values with stepless manual or automatic readjustment. On customer’s request, we carry out maintenance at regular intervals to ensure the permanent safety of operation.