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Since the foundation of the company, the name Arias has been synonymous in national and international business dealings not only with high-quality solutions in plant engineering and special machine construction, especially for laboratory construction, but also with the values of a medium-sized company with a highly motivated workforce. In the process of our value creation, economic and sustainable action is in the foreground. The protection of our environment and employees is a declared goal.


Quality must meet the highest standards, with the aim of achieving the greatest possible customer satisfaction. Therefore, we align our quality standards with the expectations and ideas of our customers. A returning clientele, which is continuously expanding, reflects the high level of confidence in the high-quality implemented plant and process technologies in laboratory construction and confirms our entire team’s approach to date.

Use of materials/components

Arias plant and process technology takes into account the use of components and materials that have a positive impact on the environment and energy consumption as early as the design phase.

Environment – Energy – Waste

The Arias site is located in a mixed industrial area. It is therefore a special concern to keep emissions and burdens on the environment as low as possible. Compliance with the legal and quasi-legal requirements in this context is a matter of course and binding for all employees, as is the conservation of resources.

The production processes alone keep the company’s energy expenditure within limits. Regardless of this, the staff is constantly striving to optimize energy efficiency in the long term and to ensure minimum energy consumption for the required output.

The amount of waste generated at Arias is very low. For many years, the principle of “avoidance goes before recycling and recycling goes before disposal” has applied. Separation of recyclable and waste materials by type, proper reintroduction into the economic cycle or proper disposal that cannot be avoided is standard practice.

With the exception of transport packaging, we can largely dispense with packaging for our own products, so that the ecological impact is kept to a minimum here as well.

All measures taken relate to processes, structures, structural conditions and systems, as well as to human behavior and its adaptation. In this way, Arias GmbH makes its contribution to climate protection and cost reduction.


It is our employees who make up the company. We are aware of this, which is why we treat our employees fairly and in a spirit of partnership. This principle is the prerequisite for the long-term success of the company.
Employee co-determination, an open and transparent dialog with all employees, is the prerequisite for the continuous increase in the value of the company.

Health and safety in the workplace is the highest priority. Awareness of occupational health and safety provides the basis for continuous improvement and expansion of occupational safety measures with a future-oriented perspective.

Training and instruction keep employees up to date and contribute to safety-conscious thinking and action. This statement applies both to in-house occupational health and safety, but also to the safety of the plant and process solutions created by Arias.

Code of Conduct

The success of the company is also based on compliance with the law, maintenance of internal regulations, and an all-embracing respect for basic ethical values. Social responsibility towards our employees, business partners and the community is a basic requirement, as well as the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural resources in our daily thoughts and actions.

We are convinced that with this basic attitude, we are making and have made a contribution to the sustainable development of our company and thus continue to gain and maintain the trust of our employees, business partners and the community.

We have summarized the most important principles of our corporate actions in a “Code of Conduct”, which is intended to serve our employees as a guideline for their daily work in dealing with colleagues, customers, suppliers and competitors. It is an obligation for every employee to read and understand this code of conduct and to implement it in his or her daily work.